Farsund Aluminium Casting AS
Winner of the Engineering Achievement Award 2011  ISO 14001 TS 16949

Unique simultaneous engineering

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Control, speed and accuracy

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BAF realize that the combination of control, speed and accuracy are critical when meeting our customers design and development needs.

We have developed a unique simultaneous engineering and design process that has reduced our design cycle time to just a couple of days.


Optimize productivity

Our in house capability and unique software solutions means we are able to design both component and molds, simulate casting, and run FE analysis concurrently.

We are able to quickly address stiffness, strength, and casting issues through our proprietary use of tools such as SUTCAST - our casting simulation software. 

We design for manufacturing so that we optimize productivity, minimize oxides and shrinkage, and reduce gating waste long before a component ever leaves the CAD drawing board.


Manufacturing in weeks

At the same time our Industrial Engineers are simulating the optimal casting, finishing, and machining processes  through our highly automated facility. 

This concurrent process means that we are able to design and industrialize manufacturing in weeks rather than months. 

Latest results show our advantage is working too. We have seen initial trial runs hitting casting performance rates of 98% right first time thus saving time and money for us and our customers.



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